Thursday, October 2, 2008

Camp Concentration 012 - The School of Athens

The School of Athens is mentioned by Louis Sacchetti (CC, p. 74, June 16 entry) among the many reproductions of paintings he saw on Mordecai’s worktable.

This painting may be seen as the bright side of Camp Archimedes. It depicts a closed environment thriving with intellectual activity. There is an almost palpable feeling of intellectual euphoria. Masters and disciples, scientists and philosophers, all immersed in heated discussions, some of them writing, some reading, some deep in thought, some youngsters just staring in awe to an old master who speaks.

I like to think that Louis Sacchetti is the man in the foreground, sitting at a worktable. He seems to be thinking hard, and his right hand, holding a pen, rests upon some scribbled pages.

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